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Conquering Exams

conquering exams

This is a difficult time for everyone. You might feel like your academics are out of control. It is important to be patient and take care of yourself. Having a good study plan might be helpful in reducing the stress and anxiety that you may be feeling.


Helpful Tips:

  • Prepare yourself mentally
    • Stay focused.
    • Find a comfortable place to study/learn that is conducive to working. For example, study in a comfortable chair rather than your bed.
    • Know your exam schedules.
    • Set alarms to remind you of study times and exam times.
    • Get a good night’s rest before the exam date.
    • Eat healthy/drink plenty of water.
    • Stay in touch with your family and friends, for support.
  • Stay organized
    • Give yourself enough time to study and do not wait until the last minute.
    • Keep your study space organized.
    • Use visual aids such as flow charts and diagrams.
    • Look at all your classes and make a “to-do list” for each of them.
    • Prioritize and study the most difficult materials first.
    • Put your phone and other distracting devices away or keep them off while you study.
    • Make a schedule. If you don’t already have a weekly schedule or planner, create one for your exams or finals. Make sure to include break times.
    • If you can, find practice exams.
  • Stay connected with others
    • If you prefer studying with others, create virtual study group meetings.
    • Meet regularly during the scheduled study times.
    • If someone misses a study session, check on them.
    • Share documents and study materials, with permission.
  • Create an intense study step-by-step session such as the following
    • Step 1: Set a study goal for the next 45-60 minutes.
    • Step 2: Study with action and focus.
    • Step 3: Take a break.
    • Step 4: Review what you have studied.