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Texas Supervision Symposium

A space for education, networking, and support related to the supervision of trainees within a university counseling center context.





Keynote Speaker: Dr. Michelle Bettin, PsyD, MSW

Past Symposium Presenters and Foci

  • Dr. Randal Boldt, PsyD " Staying in the Arena: The Art of Joy in Supervision"
  • Dr. Enedalia Sauceda, Ph.D., "Connecting is hard right now, y'all... Practicing mindful authenticity in supervision"
  • Dr. Archandria Owens, Ph.D., “Supervising While Black: Racial Trauma and the Supervisory Relationship in the time of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Jacob Blake"
  • Dr. Robert Carter, Ph.D.,"Exciting the Human Potential: Connecting with Ourselves and with the People that we Supervise."
  • Dr. Carmen Cruz, Psy.D., "Working on my Multicultural Competence as a Supervisor in a Divisive Cultural Climate."
  • Dr. Cecilia Sun, Ph.D., “When Supervision is Hard: Strategies for Working Through Difficulties in Supervision.”

Co-Hosted by Baylor University & Texas A&M University

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TSS Planning Committee: 

Ed Rogers, Psy.D.

Danielle Broxon, Ph.D.

Ambika Kasbekar, M.S., LPC, NCC

Stephen Case, Psy.D.

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