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For a list of immunizations University Health Services can provide, or for information regarding a travel consultation service available to students, please see our Preventive Medicine webpage. Details below are specific to immunization requirements for admission to Texas A&M University.

Texas A&M University requires proof of the bacterial meningitis vaccine (or affidavit declining the vaccination) as a requirement for class registration. However, University Health Services strongly recommends that every student, and their family members, review the CDC updated list of immunizations most appropriate for the university student.

Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Information

Texas Senate Bill 1107 (now TEC 51.9192) was passed and signed into law by Texas State Governor Rick Perry. Effective January 1, 2012, TEC 51.9192 (amended by SB No. 62, effective Oct. 1, 2013) requires all students* entering an institution of higher education (public and private) to either receive a vaccination against bacterial meningitis or meet certain criteria for declining such a vaccination before the first day of the semester.

NOTICE: The law does not specify which Meningitis vaccine students must receive. The vaccine covering types A, C, W, Y (Menveo, Menactra) is the vaccine that covers the predominant strains of bacteria causing meningitis in this region. It is the most common meningitis vaccine that is currently administered. The Meningitis B vaccine (Trumenba, Bexsero) is available as well. While Meningitis B is less common in this region, outbreaks on college campuses in other parts of the country have occurred.  Students and parents should discuss with their healthcare provider which vaccines are most appropriate for their own circumstance. For additional information regarding the variances in Meningitis vaccines, please visit the CDC Meningitis Vaccine website.

Texas A&M is partnering with Med+Proctor for the submission of bacterial meningitis vaccination records. For additional information regarding the Meningitis vaccination, please visit the Admissions website or click on the Med+Proctor link.

To assist the Texas A&M University Admissions Department with the Meningitis vaccination process, both incoming and current students may receive a Meningitis vaccination at University Health Services. Please contact Patient Services at (979) 458-8310 for more information.

Students who already have proof of meningitis vaccination should upload their records to Med+Proctor once they have been admitted to Texas A&M University. It may take 5-7 days for your registration hold to be removed. If your new student conference or class registration is set to occur within the next week, you can submit your vaccination records in person to the Aggie One Stop lobby. Aggie One Stop is available Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm and is located on the 1st floor of the General Services Complex building on Agronomy Road. For any questions, contact the Aggie One Stop at (979) 847-1787.

For additional information regarding the Meningitis vaccination, please visit the Admissions website.

*This requirement applies to all first-time or transfer students beginning January 2012. Students are exempt from the vaccination if any of the following apply: student is 22 years of age or older (effective October 1, 2013); student is only a distance learner (online); medical reasons do not permit the student to take the vaccination (must be verified with a physician); or the student declines the vaccine due to reasons of conscience, including a religious belief.

International Students

Beyond the meningitis requirement that applies to all students (outlined above), many international students also have an additional Tuberculosis screening requirement.

Tuberculosis Screening

Tuberculosis (TB) screening is required for all incoming international students that were born in or resided in a high risk country* for more than three (3) months. Many students complete the TB screening once they arrive at Texas A&M. Students are also welcome to complete the TB screening prior to arrival. Submission requirements include the Tuberculosis Screening Form and a copy of the blood test results (lab report). Return the completed Tuberculosis Screening form by fax: (979) 458-8319 or by email:

*View the American College Health Association guidelines for a list of these specific countries, or find these countries on the Tuberculosis Screening Form.

Newly admitted international students automatically have a Tuberculosis screening hold placed on their account. The hold is removed once the appropriate documentation and/or test results have been provided to University Health Services. The Tuberculosis screening hold will keep a student from registering for classes, but does not affect his/her VISA, immigration status, admission to Texas A&M, or ability to participate in the new student conference.