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HelpLine is the after-hours mental health service for Texas A&M University founded in January of 1995 and is supervised by University Health Services Counseling and Mental Health Care at Texas A&M University. Available from 4 p.m. to 8 a.m. on weekdays and 24 hours a day on weekends when classes are in session, HelpLine provides peer support, information, crisis intervention, and referrals to students, as well as those concerned about students. The HelpLine has extensive information about a wide variety of topics and can provide you with referral information about services and programs at University Health Services, other Texas A&M University departments, and community agencies.

The HelpLine phone number (979.845.2700) is accessible via voice or Relay Service (V/Relay). Learn more about speech and hearing impaired access at or  Telecommunications Relay Service.


The HelpLine is staffed by undergraduate, graduate and former students. Volunteers come from a variety of majors and backgrounds. All HelpLine volunteers complete a 55‑hour interview and training process prior to working “the Line,” and they receive ongoing supervision and continuing education. Although about 80% of all HelpLine volunteers are psychology majors, students from a wide variety of majors have become excellent HelpLiners. 

HelpLine Leadership

HelpLine Program Manager: Irene Cisneros

HelpLine Program Coordinator: Sydney Stevens

Questions or concerns?  Get in touch.

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