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Charges & Fees

University Health Services charges $15 for basic primary care office visits at the A.P. Beutel Student Health Center. Other visit types may incur a higher charge based on the level of service, such as telemedicine, mental health, specialty visits, or other visits with complex or multiple complaints. For other services provided, discounted fees may be offered. These charges can be applied to the student’s fee account, which will then be paid to Student Business Services. All currently enrolled Texas A&M students may access no-cost counseling & mental health care visits through telemedicine options or the Student Counseling & Mental Health Care Center located on the 4th floor of the Student Services Building (SSB), mulitiple embedded locations throughout Texas A&M University main campus, and embedded locations on Texas A&M System satellite campuses.

University Health Services also accepts all major credit cards, checks (with driver’s license, state issued identification card, or passport), as well as payments from insurance plans (visit the Health Insurance page for more information).

Access Fee

Counseling Center Fee

Students must be currently enrolled and have paid the appropriate University Advancement fee each semester to receive counseling services at University Health Services. No additional fees are applied to student accounts to access counseling services, with the exception of a summer bridge charge (when applicable). 

Health Center Fee

On-campus students are assessed a mandatory health center fee each semester that provides them access to health care, health education, and supports public health initiatives for the campus. Minimal charges apply for services rendered at the health center. The health center fee is included with tuition and fees for enrolled students. Students who are not residing locally can use our telemedicine service.

The current fee schedule is included below:

  • Fall/Spring Semester: $75/semester
  • 10-Week Summer Classes: $75
  • Summer Sessions: $25/session

Summer Bridge Charge

For students not enrolled in classes who are seeking to access services during the summer, a summer bridge fee may be assessed. Students must show they were enrolled during the most recent semester, and proof of enrollment must be provided for the upcoming fall semester. The summer bridge fee grants eligibility for utilizing the student health center and counseling center during the summer session currently in progress, and will expire at the end of that respective session.

The current fee schedule is included below:

  • University Health Services Summer Bridge Fee (criteria must be met; students will have access to health center and counseling center): $25/session


Payment/Check-Out Options

Check-Out: Students are encouraged to check out with the cashier after their in-person visit. The cashier is located near the check-in windows in the front lobby.

The below payment options are available to students after their visit:

  • Health Insurance: To file your visit to your health insurance, University Health Services must have your insurance information on file. You can upload your health insurance information via the University Health Services Appointment Portal or provide this information to the check-in staff prior to your visit. University Health Services staff will automatically file any services rendered to your health insurance unless you instruct them otherwise. Any amounts not paid by your health insurance will be billed to your Student Business Services account.
  • Card payment: To pay for your services rendered after your visit, please visit the Cashier prior to exiting the building. If a student has questions on using a Health Savings Account (HSA), please visit Patient Services across from the Cashier.
  • Secure online payment system: Students have the option to pay for their services online utilizing the University Health Services secure online payment system. Please contact Patient Services via email ( or phone (979.458.8310) to receive the total amount to be paid for your University Health Services visit. Access the secure payment system here: For any assistance utilizing this payment option, contact Patient Services via email or phone.
  • Charges transferred to Student Business Services: If you choose not to pay for your visit after you receive care at the clinic, or if your health insurance does not cover your visit in full, the amount due will be transferred to your Student Business Services account. You do not need to initiate this transfer if this is your preferred payment option.

Missed Appointment, Group or Workshop / Late Arrival or Cancellation Fees

Students are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to the appointment time to complete the check-in process. If students wish to cancel their appointment, they must do so at least two hours ahead of the appointment time so that other students have an opportunity to be seen. Students can cancel their appointment on the appointment portal or by calling Patient Services during business hours at 979. 458.8310.

Fees are incurred for certain scenarios: 

  • No Show Fee (for appointments, groups and workshops): If a student does not show for an appointment, group or workshop, a $25 no show fee will be applied.
  • Late Arrival: If a student arrives late to an appointment, a $25 no show fee will be applied as the original appointment could not be kept. Staff will attempt to reschedule the student.
  • Late Cancellation Fee: If a student cancels within 2 hours of the appointment time, a late cancellation fee of $25 will be applied.

Former Student Charges

If a former student is being asked to pay charges owed to Texas A&M University Health Services on their Texas A&M Student Account through Student Business Services (SBS), please understand that charges may have posted after the student’s graduation date. In some instances, outstanding balances may also have been transferred from the previous system to the current Compass (student information and financial) system and are now accessible. These charges should be paid to SBS. If a former student has questions regarding charges for services incurred at Texas A&M University Health Services, please contact Patient Services at 979.458.8310.