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Accessibility Info

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Values Statement & Accessibility Aspirations

[With permission, adapted from the Texas University and College Counseling Centers Conference (TUCCCC) Accessibility Information.]

The SJCCC Committee is intending to create a conference that is inclusive, accessible and affirming for all participants. We especially want to ensure that we consider the range of learning styles and needs as much as is possible for a virtual conference experience. We invite all presenters and attendees to join in our efforts.

As mental health providers, the values we share on this page are consistent with the values and aspirations of our respective disciplines. We share these as reminders in hopes of creating a growth fostering experience for all.

We hope to continue updating this page, particularly if we return to an in-person conference in the future, and the SJCCC Committee invites participants to provide feedback and suggestions for any other considerations for an inclusive conference. These can be offered via completion of the conference evaluation.

A Statement for Presenters: The SJCCC Committee asks presenters to please follow the Accessibility Resources below to ensure your presentation and any accompanying materials are accessible and made available at least one week in advance of the conference.  Thank you for your commitment to accommodation and inclusion.

Accessibility Resources

Further Information on Accessibility for SJCCC

It is important to us that SJCCC is inclusive of individuals with disabilities and accessible to all participants and presenters. For questions about accessibility or to request an accommodation to participate fully in this event (e.g., communication access, alternate formats), please contact the SJCCC Chair, Ms. Bethany Smith.